How to become a Data Scientist

When I was studying Statistics I though that this was the Degree with more opportunities in the future. But when I started working I saw that maybe I was wrong. In fact my first work was as a Java Junior Developer, nothing to do with my studies. More or less 15 years later this could have changed.

The evolution of the Technology has increased exponentially the power of the computers. To be simple, in the area of Data Management, computers let us two main things:

  • One is store all data, here the challenge is clear if we think that every 60 seconds Google receives over 4,000,000 search queries, YouTube users upload 71 hours of new videos, Pinterest users Pin 3,472 photos, Facebook users share, 2,460,000 pieces of content and Twitter users share 277,000 tweet (Infographic How much Data is Generated every minute).
  • And the second, now we can explode this data applying all kind of new and advanced data management techniques like algorithms for predicting patterns or using parallel processing with Terabytes of data to extract and process the valuable information. For example we can talk about Genetics Algorithms (GA)  that use the nature to find the best solutions, you can find one simple exercise of GA in the R-bloggers site using R.

The evolution of the Technology let us connecting all kind of devices with sensors, and these sensors transmit all kind of data through internet to act depending of the data processed. This is Internet of the Things or IoT, in Europe there are some initiatives  that promote the IoT world with lots of resources, guides, subventions, … (Internet of the Things Europe Initiatives). These connections will produce huge quantities of Data then we will need Petabytes of storage, the best Computer performance and the most advanced Applications to process the Data. Here again the two constants: storage and the data management techniques.

Thanks to this evolution we are changing the world of the Public Sector applying this tech to Smartcities, eHealth, Agriculture,etc. In the case of Smartcitiy we can find Barcelona which is the first in Spain and the fourth in Europe with projects like Intelligent Traffic Lights or Apps4bcn.

Thanks to my past as Statistician and the new era of Data Management I have started a new hobby several months ago “Data Scientist”. My curiosity started in Coursera with this course about Machine Learning done by one of the Co-Founders and Chairman of Coursera the Data Scientist Andrew Ng.This course was a little bit intensive for me and I couldn’t dedicate the time you need for learning this fantastic material, I hope turn back in the mid future.

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